1 Minute Exercise: Sitting and Standing

Difficulty: Super Easy
Active Time: 1 minute

After developing a habit of exercise for the first time in my whole life last November until February, I got exhausted in March and fell off the wagon. The past few days, I have been trying to convince myself to just take a walk for 15 minutes per day. No success.

Today, I decided to be kind to myself. I looked at myself honestly and realized that I only have the willpower to make myself do 1 minute of exercise. So that is the micro-change I am making this week: 1 minute of exercise per day. I know next to nothing about fitness, but I figure that any amount of movement is better for my heart and my body than no movement at all. I got the idea of sitting and standing as a “legitimate” exercise, from one of last season’s episodes of The Biggest Loser.


  • Timer (courtesy of my cell phone)
  • A Seat (my ottoman)


  1. Set timer for 1 minute.
  2. Stand, and raise arms over head.
  3. Lower arms as you sit down on the seat. I found it amusing to sweep my arms to the sides as I brought them down, to mimic a breast-stroke. Similarly, I raised my arms with my hands pressed together.
  4. Repeat, until the timer sounds.  My husband laughed at my improvised exercise, but he still congratulated me when I reached my goal.

Muscles Used:

  • As far as I can tell (very unscientifically), I used my legs, butt, arms, and heart. More muscles will speak up if any are sore tomorrow.

Calories Burned:

  • No clue!

Reward for Self:

  • 1 star, which I drew on the calendar for myself immediately after the timer rang! Right now, the star and the sense of accomplishment were satisfying enough, as it was the first time I achieved any of my exercise goals in a while. I may translate the star into a point to earn something for myself in the future.

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