1 Minute Exercise: Extended Table

Difficulty: Super Easy
Active Time: 1 minute

Today’s improvised exercise focused on developing my core strength.


  • Timer (courtesy of my cell phone)
  • Floor space


  1. Set timer for 30 seconds.
  2. Get down on hands and knees, to form a table.
  3. Extend right arm and left leg, so that they are parallel to the ground.  Hold until the timer sounds.
  4. Set timer for another 30 seconds, and repeat with opposite arm and leg.

Muscles Used:

  • Core muscles.

Calories Burned:

  • Eh, probably minimal. This didn’t raise my heartbeat or make me break a sweat. But I did feel satisfied that I spent a little time today trying to strengthen some muscle groups.

Reward for Self:

  • 1 star! Can’t wait to make up something new tomorrow.

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