1 Minute Exercise: Animal!

Difficulty: Super Easy
Active Time: 1 minute

Today, I took some inspiration from improv. I asked my husband for the name of an animal and made up movements inspired by the animal. I think this would be a fun exercise game with kids.


  • Timer (courtesy of my cell phone)


  1. Choose an animal (something that moves!)  My husband suggested a Tyrannosaurus.
  2. Set timer for 1 minute.
  3. Wander around your home like an active version of that animal, until the time sounds!  Try to use both your arms and legs.
  4. Laugh at your own silliness.

Muscles Used:

  • In my version of a Tyrannosaurs, I found myself using my arms a lot and clenching my biceps.  I also stomped around with my legs.  My heart-rate definitely went up, as I was a bit out of breath after a minute.  I found myself stretching my jaw and face too, in my imitation of big predator.  I think part of the fun of this “exercise” is figuring out afterwards what body parts I used!

Calories Burned:

  • Once again, I have no idea. It did seem more animated than yesterday’s “extended table.”

Reward for Self:

  • 1 more star!

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